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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Temptation

of politics... It's so futile, yet so overwhelming.

Thankfully, we have no investments in stock. If we did, I'd prbably be a blathering idiot. Oh, I'm sure we'll feel the pain in many ways, but we won't actually have to watch our money disappear on a daily basis. So this week we've seen the government hand over hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall St, which has proven so well how it uses our funds. We've watched as our Congressmen actually voted for the bailout, barely batting an eyelash.

We've received our mail-in ballots.

We've seen the beauty pageants and the you-tube videos, seen the cartoons and heard the late-night jokes. Watched SNL explain the bailout. Saw the newly homeless doing what they can to make a last-ditch effort to maintain some dignity. Read the sad story of the man who shot his whole family because he saw no way out of his financial crisis.

During the great depression, brokers jumped out of windows. Now they just hold out their hands, palm up. Government is their friend when they're in trouble- but please! No oversight or regulation. That would be wrong.

Here's a bit of history for all you folks (all 2 or 3 of you) reading here...
the story of the Keating Five:

watch it, it's very enlightening for anyone who missed the real thing. And it gives insight into McCain's way of thinking.

In the meanwhile, I stay busy with my crafting and artsy-ness. I'm coming out with my new Recession Collection very soon. And after that, the Depression Collection should be following soon.

Gotta keep your chin up!

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I agree about the temptation of it all. I find myself trying not to get caught up, but then something sparks it. Even being at home alone with the young people I find a way to squeeze in my commentary. This afternoon as my 9 year old stuffed her mouth with candy I warned her of the healthcare crisis. *sighs* I'll just continue to drink coffee and save the cans for my retirement fund.