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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The attack of the Killer Ants

OK, so to preface this entry, we're OLD, and we don't see that well anymore, either one of us. Mrfoxaz has Graves eye disease & he sees double most of the time. I have parafoveal telangiectasias- and when I try to focus, the center part of my retina has some dark spots, so I can't focus for close vision. I have to kinda look off to one side.

So the other day, we decided to take a little nap. We snoozed for maybe a half hour or so and I woke up itching and scratching. I had big red welts all over me!
We took all the bedding off the bed and looked everywhere. I thought it must have been a Walpi Tiger- a bad bug that sucks blood from people & pets. After moving the whole bedroom around & crawling around with flashlight, mrfoxaz found an ant. A teeny little nasty ant. A pissant. Ouch!

The other day, we had pissants swarming the cat food, and we sprayed and vacuumed and cleaned and we hadn't seen any more. Ahh, but we were wrong!

Tonight, Mrfoxaz went in the bathroom to take a shower and the sink and counter was covered with those damned ants!! So we cleaned and sprayed and took everything out of the drawers & cabinets... Then went outside and dusted all around the foundation and vents.

It's been really hot the last week or so- over a hundred during the day- that's when the ants come in. We're waging WAR!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got my foot fixed, Mrfoxaz got his pain shots...

Ah, yes, the booboo report... We're slowly getting back to normal- I had my toe straightened out Friday (it was hammering, but not in a productive way) so I'm stumping around with a funny shoe- the kind that's oh-so-fashionable... Thankfully I can drive, so today I drove Mrfoxaz down to the surgery center for his pain block shots. He gets them once a month and they seem to help. It's amazing the number of people who are disabled in this way- chronic pain.

Sunday my faithful computer decided 5 years was long enough- and it told us something was corrupted and it just wasn't feeling up to booting up. After dusting and checking all the connections and basically spending the entire day trying to figure it out, I decided my stimulus check could best be spent on a new one. I mean. I was having serious Etsy forum withdrawals and needed my "fix" So now, all I have to do is restore al my favorites and my email addresses and retake my photos... you get the drift. A big pain in the patoot.

I'm working on a couple freeform crochet projects- when I get the camera software back up and running, I'll post photos...

Stay cool, and enjoy yourself.
Mrs foxaz

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rearranging my "blog furniture"

When I was younger, before computers and the Internet - (yes, I could be your mother) - I used to enjoy moving furniture around , often, to make it seem like the room was new. I just enjoyed seeing things from a different angle, making a new space.

Now, I can change my blog page around to satisfy that urge. And it isn't half so painful, in terms of lifting and back injuries.

Today, I added a hit counter (so I'll know how many times I've visited) and a slideshow of some of our work. Some of these are available at our etsy store - I've been experimenting with ACEOs-(Art Cards Editions & Originals) using some of my digitally tweaked photos. They are a lot of fun to make, like little baseball card-size art pieces.

In the slideshow you'll also see antler pendants and earrings are by mr fox, crocheted stuff by me, and some photos of the iris in the garden this year. The iris blooms are so beautiful and short-lived. And this year, the wind has been so strong. It really sucks the life out of plants, drying everything out and knocking it over.

Now that I've changed things up and added some deep thoughts, I think I'll go craft...
Don't forget to check the Sunday Secrets at !

Friday, June 6, 2008

Arizona's getting hot-

Time for summer crafting by day, and gardening early in the morning and later in the day. I'm out of commission for the garden - have a diabetic ulcer on my toe, and will have surgery next week. Diabetes is certainly one of the biggest bummers that life can hand you.

But I can sit with my foot up and make my little crocheted pins and pendants for my Etsy shop. And read the forums and look at all the pretty treasuries. Life is good. Sorta.

I marbled some paper the other day, and will probably make some little notebooks with the many kinds of paper I have collected over the years. Can you say "hoarder"? That's me.

Mr fox is doing all the weeding and continuing to work on his beautiful jewelry. Stop in at our store to see more!