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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, I must say the past 2 days have been a refreshing change of pace. America voted - and we have a great new President -elect, someone I can listen to as he speaks and not have a gag reflex...

The hysterical phone calls from Sarah & Cindy & John have stopped. I no longer Google Canadian real estate. I feel a sense of hope, even though the Dow is diving daily. Things will straighten out; they will improve. The war will end. Returning soldiers won't be thrust into the classroom as untrained teachers. Africa is really a continent; fruit fly research is important; global warming is real. "Drill, Baby, Drill" is no longer the rallying cry.

Plus, I'm looking forward to finding out whether all those clothes get donated to charity. If we're lucky, the GOP will be revealed for who they really are - fiscal non-conservatives, given to socialism (bailing out private business.)

If we're lucky, the middle class will be given a fair shot at success.

Whew! We sure dodged a bullet on Tuesday! Yay for Obama!

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sherry said...

We were actually googling Australian real estate!