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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK - Just a Reminder about YOUR EYES...

Yes, I know, we remember to check our boobs, and have our regular dentist and doctor appointments... but, don't forget to have your eyes checked regularly.

Mr Foxaz and I went for our eye appointments together last week. He gets seen pretty regularly because of his Graves Disease, and I go to the Retina Center annually because of my Diabetes, but we weren't prepared at all for what the eye doctor said. He looked into Mr Foxaz's right eye and saw something dark and scary, and very rare -- a pigmented ciliary body mass. Thinking it could be melanoma, he got us an appointment with the next guy up the ladder on the specialist chain.
This one did an ultrasound and thinks that, yes, it is melanoma, so Monday at 8 AM we will be in Tucson (300+ miles away) having a 4 or 5 hour appointment to find out what our next move will be.

By the end of the appointment, we should have a diagnosis and a plan of action. And they said they usually spend 2 months working out the details.

I guess that gives us the perfect excuse for neglecting the garden this year. :(

Get your eyes checked!

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