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Friday, August 14, 2009

What's more fun than Insulation?

Putting up 4'x8' sheets of ceiling panels, that's what!!

Mr Foxaz gets it in his mind to do a project, and it's a one-way highway towards his goal.

He has his epidural pain shot this coming Tuesday, so it was important to get most of the rough stuff done before that. He's supposed to take it easy after the shot, and he usually does. So a week ago we got the bundles of insulation and paneling, and rassled it all into the workshop last Friday. Started on Friday night and got to the paneling at the end of the weekend.

Yikes! What a job! At one point, we had ropes and pulleys hooked up to lift the panels into place. Talk about Two Stooges! Mr Foxaz is quite particular about how things should be perfect. Me, I'm just standing there, holding the ropes and the pushing stick, saying "put the screws in, put the screws in already!!" I'm type A and get frustrated easily. He is so much more calm than I am- just moves forward in a careful, calculated way.

He's one of the only people I know who can measure, cut, and have the piece fit perfectly.
I just try my hardest to keep my mouth shut - but it's not my nature to stay quiet. I try though.

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