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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is it Christmas Yet?

Because we have some new things to put in the shops... Above, a tiny antler tip on red leather cord. It's cute, and didn't hurt Rudolph at all, since these are naturally shed antlers found on the forest floor.
These earrings are my favorite stones- Carnelelian and turquoise. I made these with the powers of the stones in mind- carnelian invokes passion and energy; turquoise is a lucky stone which aids in relieving anger. What could be better than that? And the copper finding aid in transferring thoughts into action.
This is a mystery stone. It must be some kind of agate; it takes a wonderful polish! And there's a tiny tube along the side which has the black of the stone inside. There's a crystalline hole in the middle and some opalescent bubbles on the side- altogether a wonderful accent piece for any outfirt
Here's another agate with a crystalline inclusion. Perhaps it is a piece of geode. It holds a super polish and has both mystery and excitement in it.
This piece started out as a bead, but broke in half. Such an outstanding natural bright blue color! It's set in a cast sterling silver backless setting, and hangs on a sterling silver figaro chain. We just love the beautiful blue color of natural Kingman turquoise.

These and other outstanding pieces will be posted on our various sites over the next few days.. Hope you like them!

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