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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer's here - the heat is on...

Wow, it's so hot! We're having a heat wave- over 100F every day- and it's trying desperately to rain... clouds everywhere, but no rain. The funny part is, it could rain 5 miles away, downtown, and not get a drop here.

Years ago, when I lived in Jerome, we'd sit out on the porch and watch the build-ups of clouds over Sedona, coming our way. Clouds from over our mountain would go out and meet them, and POW!! a thunderstorm, and rain, rain, rain...

Not so in Kingman. We get rain rarely, if at all- and our garden could sure use it. The cucumbers are overwhelming us- the peppers and basil and nectarines are doing very well. We have beans and lettuce and lots of greens- Such a joy to not have to buy veggies. Tomatoes will be coming in soon.

Some rain would just make everything pop. Must be time for a rain dance and some drums.

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