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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got my foot fixed, Mrfoxaz got his pain shots...

Ah, yes, the booboo report... We're slowly getting back to normal- I had my toe straightened out Friday (it was hammering, but not in a productive way) so I'm stumping around with a funny shoe- the kind that's oh-so-fashionable... Thankfully I can drive, so today I drove Mrfoxaz down to the surgery center for his pain block shots. He gets them once a month and they seem to help. It's amazing the number of people who are disabled in this way- chronic pain.

Sunday my faithful computer decided 5 years was long enough- and it told us something was corrupted and it just wasn't feeling up to booting up. After dusting and checking all the connections and basically spending the entire day trying to figure it out, I decided my stimulus check could best be spent on a new one. I mean. I was having serious Etsy forum withdrawals and needed my "fix" So now, all I have to do is restore al my favorites and my email addresses and retake my photos... you get the drift. A big pain in the patoot.

I'm working on a couple freeform crochet projects- when I get the camera software back up and running, I'll post photos...

Stay cool, and enjoy yourself.
Mrs foxaz

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