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Monday, April 20, 2009

Remembering the Kentucky Derby...

When I was a kid - long ago in a land so far away (just north of NYC) my sister and I used to get real excited about the Derby. The Sunday paper would have pictures or paintings of the horses; some were nice enough to cut out and mount on a piece of cereal -box cardboard. The horse I chose was black as coal, a real beauty.

The Derby was run late on a Saturday afternoon, usually.
Our dad would be fishing. That's what he did on weekends, and we were just as happy he was gone, since when he was around he cracked the (figurative) whip and made us do chores and clean our rooms.

Our mom got in the habit of allowing us to have a healthy dinner of Wheaties and ice cream on tray tables in front of the TV. There we'd watch the Kentucky Derby, or perhaps some other horse race. New York was a good place to live if you liked to follow the horses. So many NYC race tracks and upstate ones as well. The Belmont, Triple Crown, Saratoga Springs... all the races were televised, and we watched them all.

I loved horses back then, and when I was 30 , I finally got one, riding a lot in the mountains around Jerome, AZ where I lived.

My black beauty never won that long ago Derby, but I still have that cutout in a box of memorabilia out in the shed. I'm sure my grandkids would be (will be) impressed.

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