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Monday, May 11, 2009

When it gets HOT in Arizona...

We decide to have a yard sale. Are we crazy? Maybe we are.

We spent the last two weekends sitting in the shade with icy non-alcoholic drinks, our little fanny packs strapped on with small bills inside, for change. While we didn't make much money, because America as a whole has no money to spend, we did get a chance to meet and greet with neighbors and passersby... and with the exception of one woman who spent her time screaming full blast at her unruly children, we had a great time schmoozing with the customers.

I would say our little yard sale / social experiment was a success. We cleaned out the shed and the garage, and will have a nice donation for the local thrift store. We decided upfront that we'd sell or give away the stuff we will absolutely never use again. Tools that we bought to use once; tools that we bought with hopes they would work properly and never did; things too heavy to lift, peculiar oddities I've rescued from dumpsters and swap meets, the kind of things we love but have no place for.

I've had a love affair with red glass for years. And copper. And things that make me laugh. I put these precious things out for sale, knowing people would snap them up.

But this particular yard sale was different. People wanted things for next-to-nothing....

If we'd had furniture- chairs, tables, dressers - we could have sold them all day long. Computer monitors? Not so much. Turns out, you can't even give those away.

Over the next week or so, we'll be packing up the leftovers for donation. At least we'll get a little tax deduction. I guess that's all we can hope for.

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woolies said...

Rats. we have quite a few computer monitors, and a garage full of stuff. We really need to have a garage sale. But now I'm thinking I should wait for the fall...wait a minute, there is no fall in Tucson.