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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...

Does anyone read this blog?

I know it's not as exciting as reading other blogs, the ones with giveaways and gossip and drama.
But drama really isn't my thing. I leave that to others.

I also wonder:

do men wear cowls in the summer?
will my cucumbers produce great cukes?
will Sotomayor be confirmed?
has the housing market hit bottom?
will we get rain this week?
how many goodnplenty would fit in a gallon jar?
is Etsy really a cult?

If anyone has answers to these questions, please leave a note.


Elizabeth McClung said...


Do men wear cowls at all, and where are these men? If so, I think they wear them in the summer - as we have a benedictine and he wears the brown robe, belt and sandals year round.

Not unless you preserve them.


Not even close....oh, you mean for the US - well, historically prices have almost always risen with the exception of tech - a town which was prosperious, even a rush on land and houses, suddenly bottomed out and houses sell for the same price today as they did 100 years ago (the rail line was moved south SIGNIFICANTLY). I imagine the same is true for the highway, I remember we took the old highway to Tuscon, and passed by Hope, and there was a sign, "Town for Sale" - now THAT is a large housing market crisis.


Where do you buy goodnplenty, or more relivant, how many does it take to remove one of your fillings?

I suspect most things are a cult, at some point in the passion of them, so no worries.

My answer to a personal question: Any act of deliberate kindness (*cough*HK stickers*cough*) is one that is a sacred act and I hope is treated as such. There is no possible way to repay such an act, only to honor it and the person who performed it as is possible. The envelope the items came in sits exactly opposite where the stamping occurs in order to remind me that I have a broader vision and variation in my life because of the acts of others. Or in this case, one specific person.

foxaz said...

Hi Elizabeth!I'm so glad you stopped by. O like your answers- (almost as much as I like YOU!)
Ms Sotomayor is Prez Obama's pick for the US Supreme Court.

My husband is a big fan of Goodnplenty. We buy the big 5 lb bags at the warehouse store.

I enjoy reading your blog and love the postcards you send.